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Welcome to Architecture at its best

The cost of building is going up and up. With the cost of land rising more and more as developers increase the cost while reducing the area you can build on.

More and more compliance costs rising by Councils changing regulations and increasing fees to the final cost to build ranging anywhere from $1,000.00 a square metre to $7,000.00 per square metre to the level many people have to sleep on the streets as it is too expensive to even save a deposit for a house let alone pay for one over 30 years it seems.

If you are considering an architect, I would suggest looking for the right Perth architect that can give you the best value and advice.

Design Your Dream Home

With Us

How do you imagine feeling when moving around your home?

It doesn’t matter if your home is new or used, we can help you to make your home livable and enjoyable.

Winston Churchill once said ‘We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.’ Ralph Erskine said ‘the job of buildings is to improve human relations: Architecture must ease them not make them worse.’ Someone once said I build houses but the owner occupier makes it a home.

If you take a square box you can beautify it with decoration but if it is always cold or too hot it never feels comfortable.

Our Ideal Services

Here at Architecture At Its Best, we provide superior quality services in Perth and its surroundings. Here we mentioned some of the ideal services that we provide in Perth and its surroundings.

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Modern Living Space

Delivering beautiful spaces you are looking for your home through clear and defined architecture design.



Architecture Design

Build up the dream project of your residential or commercial space with the modern architecture plans presented by us.




Enhance the overall beauty of your property with the mesmerising architectural designs of a landscape professional.

interior design



Want to make a distinctive appeal to the interiors of the property? Work with us to design for you the best interior plans.



Construction Architectural Designer

For providing a perfect shape to a construction work you need the vision and plan of an Architectural Designer. You should hire us to guide you through this process.

design your dreams


Urban Designs Architectural Designer

We have our specialised team of Architectural Designers well-experienced in providing great ideas for shaping urban designs of cities, towns, and other areas.

Architecture Portfolio

Our Portfolio of work has carried us over 40 years of learning, understanding, deciphering regulations, laws, standards, principles and education in access, materials, learning and practising their use in many different ways.

View some of our work.


Wilson House
Maylands - New Residential


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Townhouse Development


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Fredrickson's House
Maylands - New Residential


Read More

How We Work

Concept Ready

The first is to discover what a client wants. Then prepare a concept that can be the starting point to move forward


Two storeys, single storey, developmental, modern, traditional, materials, even living standards. Do you want to be involved in the build?


Drawings are only the beginning as we have to include sub-contract to engineering for structure, energy, acoustics and building permissions.


Sorting Trades that are reliable such as builders, concrete workers, window joiners, electricians, plumbers, roofers, painters to name a few.

Get in Contact with us

Architecture Designer

Rex Randell is an admired architectural designer based in the Balcatta area of Perth. His passion in architectectual design gives Rex the opportunity to sit and talk with the client about how they want to feel in their new home.  He takes those ideas and makes them into reality by giving clients sound advice on what works, then how to get the best out of your budget and most importantly working with builders that understand the architecture concepts that need to be delivered throughout the process. 

Getting that process right is the most important aspect of the development or redevelopment of your home. Having that important conversation with Rex will make the difference in both your thoughts towards the ideal design and most importantly keeping those ideas within budget.  Contact architecture at its best today.

Architecture at its best, No Job too big or too small!

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  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the client

  • Never forget why you’re designing in that location in the first place

  • No matter how you do it, leave your clients happy with the design