Walker House

Maylands – Residential

Project Information

The first house designed in Perth was while I was living in New Zealand. The brief was a large home for two families to share their lives and growing children. The property was opposite manmade lakes which were converted from a brickworks quarry where they mined clay for brick making.

The house was basically like holding two fingers out on your hand with one side focused on the entranceway and a double Garage with a lounge behind. A stairwell separated the Garage from the Lounge and headed upstairs to another lounge.

Beyond the downstairs lounge was the kitchen with windows out to view the lake beyond then around the second finger was the dining room and a games room. Behind the Kitchen was a guest bedroom and upstairs was the Master with three other bedrooms.

The 2nd owners were so pleased with the house they wanted to place it in a trust as a heritage to their own offspring and pass it down through the ages.

Although the house faced south to get the best view of the lake we managed to get sunlight into the house and each room at certain times of the day with the east in the kitchen.

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