Townhouse Development - Aldermans

Tairua – New Zealand

Project Information

Some projects come with a clean slate and others come with concepts and even plans approved by the Council that do not allow ease of access around a site for whatever reason. This particular development was for 26 units that needed re-examination as the second row of units did not allow ease of access and vehicles could not access garages for turning circles. I have seen this happen even within Perth but this was New Zealand and Council allowed the previous design to go through and received approved planning.

The development of this site provided the occupants with much easier access along with a community play area resort type feel and all owners would have views of the water.

Using inspiration from Italian Architecture the development had already sold the first row of townhouses.
Unfortunately, the development didn’t proceed further as the client ran out of money due to rising costs with the council and them putting blocks in the way to prevent the amended development.

The client eventually ran out of money to take the council to court over the issues they created, but that is life sometimes and the building industry is fraught with obstacles that can cause bankruptcy even for the best of us.

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