Hikutaia Farm House

Thames Valley, Coromandel – New Farm House

Project Information

After another Architect had designed this building with some simple changes the clients came to me for the working drawings to be completed and asked for my assistance in the construction supervising the build. With careful management of trades, we were able to complete the project sourcing labour and materials and also involving clients as tradies. The client was well pleased with the end result and once finished settled back on their 300-acre block and admired the seasons after settling in New Zealand from the UK.

I stayed here overnight a few times and really enjoyed the property as well. I learned a lot about passive solar design from this house as the clients had travelled from the opposite of the world and had huge input to design and put into practice details considering the sun’s advantage on their home.

The inglenook fireplace was the pride and joy of the house and heated the whole house. The poles were placed at each corner and 5 metres apart throughout the structure and while they were designed as 150mm poles we installed 400mm poles making a statement and giving strength that will last forever.

The house was 10 metres deep with the lounge in the centre being 10 metres square and an inglenook was the focal point. The kitchen was 5 metres by 5 metres.

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  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the client

  • Never forget why you’re designing in that location in the first place

  • No matter how you do it, leave your clients happy with the design