The Cost of Builiding is going up and up

With the cost of land rising more and more as developers increase the cost while reducing the area you can build on.

More and more compliance costs rising by Councils changing regulations and increasing fees to the final cost to build ranging anywhere from $1,000.00 a square metre to $7,000.00 per square metre to the level many people have to sleep on the streets as it is too expensive to even save a deposit for a house let alone pay for one over 30 years it seems.

The cost to purchase materials as the large monopolies allow small businesses to keep trading as a token with the price of materials going up with supply and demand.

The cost of labour for every trade is increasing as well because everyone has to earn big incomes to pay for their biggest expense, their house and the upkeep costs to maintain it.

If you have to incur a huge cost with anything wouldn’t it be wiser to examine the ideals around the building and ensure you get the best value for your buck? Yes, I have had one of my clients build at $1,000.00 per square metre a passive solar designed home using our principles.

It is simple what we do and I always liken it to an Aboriginal standing under a tree on one leg with a spear in hand. Which side of the tree does he stand if he wants to keep warm and which side if he wants to cool down? If a house is designed with that in mind the house will be much more comfortable. Then you only need to understand how the sun works and that is simple as it has never changed since this world began.

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  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the client

  • Never forget why you’re designing in that location in the first place

  • No matter how you do it, leave your clients happy with the design