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People have different needs and wants; they live different lifestyles with different hobbies along with habits and entertainment.

My home is my place of inspiration for work for design for love and for rest. It is a welcoming place where I can relax and reflect, developing ideas of creativity and warm feelings, to adore and to entertain.

It brings in the outside to the inside as borrowed landscape to the interior with splashes of sunlight and warmth held in each room together with furnishings and furniture that welcome and inspire.

My home is a place that opens up for guests and yet gives them privacy as they need it. It is a recluse, a haven and a place for selection of thoughts and memories. It is a happy place to strengthen one’s soul.
When day turns to night there is a warmth that welcomes the darkness lit by warm light and solitude. The security is encased with a quietness making you feel safe and secure and restful.

When night turns to day there is an openness as the morning light floods the rooms delicately before the blinds are even drawn back to display the day.

A house is what one builds from the concept of discussing needs and focus on lifestyle. It depends on the person’s life that determines the actual outcome in design. A person working the night shift would welcome a bedroom that provides darkness and quiet while a person working normal hours wants the same but the conditions can be similar except for the light that might penetrate a bedroom naturally for people wanting to sleep during the day.

Noise might be a factor affecting any person night or day depending on where they live. Sometimes acoustic materials and double glazing can reduce that noise and needs to be considered. In both cases bedrooms need to have a certain level of warmth, bedrooms can be slightly cooler than living spaces but not cold like an icebox.

We use principles in Passive Solar Design and that is engaging the suns energy to warm your home in the winter without any cost to you while eliminating the penetration of sun through the summer months without having to use any air conditioning. Would you like free energy to keep your house warm in winter and cooler in summer?

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  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the client

  • Never forget why you’re designing in that location in the first place

  • No matter how you do it, leave your clients happy with the design