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Architecture is about the design of spaces for their end users. A Garage has a different purpose from a Carport which has a different purpose to a bedroom. They all have a roof and a floor but a garage and bedroom have walls and sometimes only the bedroom has windows so it is important to make clear the use of those spaces before beginning as you also need to consider insulation to meet Government requirements and legislation for building laws and regulations.

Insulation plays an important part in regulation as it can maintain the temperature set in that room but if the room isn’t orientated the correct way to take advantage of passive heating from the sun then it needs to be artificially heated or cooled. The best insulation is foil as it radiates heat reflecting it into the room or out of the room depending on how it is placed. Think of a thermos flask it has foil on two sides facing a still air gap and duplicate that to get the best insulation you could ever get.

All of my work has taken into account the suns benefit to the house depending on the use of each room. A bedroom generally faces the eastern side of the property as most people want to be enticed to get up with the sun and as the sun rises from the east anywhere in the world it will always warm that room first. A garage often does not need sun and is often at the southern side of the house in the southern hemisphere or the northern side in the northern hemisphere where for half the year it gets no sun.

Access is another factor in House design in that about 96% of people turn to the right automatically. A study was done in the UK some decades ago where they found most people went to the right. This means left hand entrances are not as easy subconsciously to access but if the entrance is made a little wider then it would feel more comfortable.
With these principles and others besides we work with clients and builders to ensure you get the right job for your dollar that would cost no more than a group or project home but will provide a home, you feel welcome each day you come home.

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Concept Ready

The first is to discover what a client wants. Then prepare a concept that can be the starting point to move forward


Two storeys, single storey, developmental, modern, traditional, materials, even living standards. Do you want to be involved in the build?


Drawings are only the beginning as we have to include sub-contract to engineering for structure, energy, acoustics and building permissions.


Sorting Trades that are reliable such as builders, concrete workers, window joiners, electricians, plumbers, roofers, painters to name a few.


  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the client

  • Never forget why you’re designing in that location in the first place

  • No matter how you do it, leave your clients happy with the design

About Rex Randell

At the age of 12, I was playing in the sandpit and considering what I would like to do in life. The choices were roading as I was patting down the sand to make it smoother so the matchbox cars could drive on it easily. I had considered gardening as I loved creating the gardens around my parents’ home and then upon my reflection of houses when I was delivering newspapers I thought of Architecture. Designing houses using Passive Solar design because who wants to sit in a cold space rather than feel the suns warmth on their body? That started my journey with a determination to work well in the vocation.

I started working for the top Architectural Firm in the City, caught the bus daily and learned the art of drawing with accuracy. After that, I gained experience in housing through 2 other companies and finished with a company where I learned how to design Churches. Laid off as the company was folding I decided to work for myself and have done so for the last 40 years.

With lots of experience and always learning as new products and ideas come into play, the one thing reliable is the sun’s energy which I take advantage of in all of my buildings.

Architecture at its best, No Job too big or too small!

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  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the client

  • Never forget why you’re designing in that location in the first place

  • No matter how you do it, leave your clients happy with the design