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To the work at hand. We had obtained the approval for the Maylands job and that was all good but did you notice the time it took? 14th September 2011 it was lodged and now we are determining how to proceed from here. You see now comes a balancing act, where we have to provide working drawings to present to council to obtain a building license to construct this home but that costs money.

Where does the money come from? The banks I hear you say, and that is true but the banks won’t release funds until they can see a concrete slab has been poured. So the client has to have a certain amount of cash to start with or we cover the cost to employ engineers and pay council fees. Or we can work a mix of these ideas.

Ideally we would like an investor who can provide funding on a project from start to finish however no investor would ever provide funding unless they knew what costs were associated with the project. And to determine the costs of a project working drawings would need to be completed.

We would like to thank you again for the gorgeous ideas you offered Jeremy when preparing a post-graduate research plus, most importantly, with regard to providing each of the ideas in a single blog post. Provided we had known of your website a year ago, we’d have been rescued from the nonessential measures we were employing. Thanks to you.

He was able to accommodate our somewhat unconventional requests and was very positive and determined to make it work. Even in the first consultation, he was already showing his creative genius when he made suggestions and novel solutions to customise every aspect of home design to our needs. He then went off to work his magic. In every milestone, he was prompt, reliable, and very professional. When he first unveiled the home design, we were blown away.

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