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Australian Projects

This home design features an internal courtyard. The concept was to provide a pool to act equalising temperatures throughout the house design. Water is a great medium to use in passive solar house design to equalise temperatures as it reflects the high sun of summer back into the sky but the lower winter sun is reflected into the house warming it. All the rooms facing the ponded courtyard were glazed floor to ceiling both upstairs and downstairs to provide vistas to the lake.

View from Lake shows the house as if it is two dwellings which makes the house appear much larger than it really is.
Ground Floor Plan shaped like fingers allowing the inner part of the house to view the lake across the road.

house design feels much bigger and provides a much nicer environment when you are able to view through the house to gardens or outside areas of interest but even to look back on itself gives the house a really nice feeling. To interact with its surroundings creates a feeling of contentment for the occupants in their new home design.


While this is a conceptual house design it met a strict brief for a growing building company Kerdels to provide a display home for their Alkimos block which they later discarded.

Again the use of water, this time by way of a swimming pool provides excellent passive solar energy for the home design and would minimise the heating and cooling requirements for the home.

Ground Floor Plan showing the pool which again creates some passive solar value to the home.
2nd Floor Plan shows the relationship to the pool even at this level.
Sketch from Road the car was designed by Lyall Randell when he was 12 years old.

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