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The feature to this home design is a copper roof. Four bedrooms each with their own Ensuite and large rooms. A lift transports its occupants to the roof garden to enjoy the vista at the canals.


This home design, while designed for clients who originally wanted to reside at the property, decided to sell and sold my services to the new owners who chose to use the same plan except they reversed bedroom floors to allow the Master Bedroom upstairs and the spare bedrooms were placed downstairs. It has a ground level entry garage leading via an internal staircase to the main living with bedrooms laundry kitchen and main bathroom, 3 floor houses the Master Bedroom complex with a balcony looking out to the canals. To the right the house looks as though it is single storey, this view looks 2 storey and the left elevation looks 3 stories high.

The most incredible thing with this home design is that the eventual owners had in their minds this exact same concept and had commissioned a young Architectural Designer still studying his degree to complete after he had returned from a skiing expedition. He never returned from the mountain he engaged with unfortunately. It was the most remarkable commission for me in that I had already completed the home design for the previous owners and the site, which eluded that maybe a building site has a certain design that suits it perfectly, the land just waits for the right owner to come along before allowing a build to take place.

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