Home Builders Perth

Home building in Perth can be fraught with difficulty especially with Perth hot weather and the Perth Home Builders who like to charge like a wounded bull and take forever to complete the project, but we have broken the mould by providing a service 2nd to none for all Perth Home Builders.

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This the story of a Home builder in Perth who chose to build his own home after learning first hand how wrong things can go under current legislation within the Building Commission and with licensed builders in Perth. The industry is rife with builders wanting to make a fast buck who do not know how to build and delay projects waiting for competent tradesmen who build using unsustainable, archaic, uneconomical methods of construction.

The first Perth Home Builder we have ever worked for is the Lederman residence, you can see all of the photos from beginning to end on the facebook page.


This project began August 2013 amidst the rainfall through to September and didn’t slow us down one bit. Why? Because it was built with ecological, green, sustainable timber frame construction and yet it has the look of brick and solidness while maintaining an ambient temperature on the hottest of days. Using Passive Solar Design Principles we adopt on every project the client has found coolness inside on 30 degree days.

The client moved in the day before Christmas with two new bathrooms installed, tiled and fitted out, a new kitchen, Master Bedroom, Ensuite complete with Spa bath a Steam room and 20 metre lap pool with awesome mosaics decorating the floor of the pool and some of the walls, turning this Hot Brick and tile 3 bedroom, study, one bathroom home into a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, steam room, study and large living family kitchen area with room to move and an outdoor living area complete with lap pool that the client says feel like a resort.

20131216_075844 View through front door from back yard