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Ken and Cynthia had explored the possibility of Feng Shui design in their new home design and after six attempts all but gave up hope for ever achieving the desired result. They then spoke with Rex at Architecture at its best and with the first design achieved most of their brief. After asking a professional Feng Shui appraiser from Sydney to scrutinize the design there was very little change required.

The Principles in Feng Shui Design Rex used were the Ba Gua and the eight mansions principles.

With the template for the Eight Mansions Principles. laid over the site plan it gives clear indication for room space and immediately you can see how the spaces interact with the site and views if any. In this house design and site there are no views but interestingly out to the East was a wasteland or natural bush area that fitted perfectly as close as one could get in Perth with the idea that there should have ideally been a hill to the east. The hill being synonymous with natural bushland that had not been developed and was inaccessible, this set the background for the house design perfectly and with the position of North provided a perfect setting even for a passive solar home design where the Northern wall should have 80% glazing.

The Master bedroom shares the ensuite with a guest bedroom on the Southern side of the home. This works fines to keep bedrooms cooler at night provided there is not a solid wall on the southern boundary. When considering good home design for the summer months the sun when at its hottest will heat a southern boundary wall that will act as heat store to push back heat through the home at night. This is desirable in the winter months but summer it would need to be looked at further. In this instance the boundary wall was a metal colorbond fence so there wasn’t an issue.
Feng Shui Floor Plan
Elevations of Feng Shui Home
The design of the roof in this home design emulates a mountain range and provides a high point that is vented to reduce heat build up in the summer months. Perth being subjected to 42 degree days can become very hot and so design that reduces the sun when it is unwanted is great but where the air is hot as it moves through the home it should be given room to exhaust which the high roof will allow for.
Notice the South West view in this home design provides for ventilation over the Entrance Porch. This view is taken from the setting sun and the Porches position provides excellent shade to the kitchen window in the summer months where sun is not required but in the winter months when it is needed to warm the house even at the end of the day the sun can reach into the depth of the kitchen to warm the home after a long days work which in turn reduces heating costs for the winter months. The Alfresco provides a similar effect to the lounge area allowing the eastern sun to penetrate at the time of the year it is required but giving shade in the hottest months of the year.
Feng Shui Home Perspective Sketches

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